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Psycho-Pass 2 PV — New chapter, start.”

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Psycho-Pass S2 PV: Tsunemori Akane
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Psycho-Pass S2: ENFORCERS

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"The Enforcers are the main powerhouse for the Bureau. All of the Enforcers have high criminal coefficients and are only brought back into society for the sole purpose of expelling criminals just like themselves. They cannot do anything without their respective Inspectors approval and will face serious consequences for disobeying direct orders.They are like hunting dogs.[x]”

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New Characters’ Cast (except for Risa and Mika, though)

1st Division Enforcers

Tougane Sakuya - Fujiwara Keiji

Hinakawa Shou - Sakurai Takahiro (WTF????!!!)

1st Division Inspector

Shimotsuki Mika - Sakura Ayane

2nd Division Inspectors

Aoyanagi Risa - Asano Masumi

Shisui Mizue - Inoue Marina

Kamui Kirito (no pic for this one yet and no info) - Kimura Ryouhei (WTF???2)

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