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I’m pissing myself laughing at the Beatles fans who are saddened that Kanye West might make an album w/ Paul McCartney because now they’ll be left with the age old challenge of being a classic rock fan, "should I stick with my racially bias opinion of music or admit that rap is a legitimate art form?" I can hardly wait for all the cry babies I’m jerking off rn just thinking about it

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reblog this post with a character who did nothing wrong

its been about 24 hours since i made this post and since then i have observed in the tags and in the comments

  • homura akemi dio brando and tohru adachi all did nothing wrong
  • people quoting counterexamples from the text to prove that a character did, in fact, do something wrong
  • a disproportionate amount of people tagging chihiro fujisaki
  • people being unironic apologists for bad characters
  • someone tagged this with ‘jesus’ im not sure if that was a reaction or an example
  • people getting very emotional over their favs
  • i think there were like some warrior cats characters in there so i guess that must get pretty intense
  • this was an ironic solicitation not a challenge to actually come up with innocent characters…its a meme you guys
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I HATE when girls swear



It hurts. Hearing a cute voice say such foul things. It makes me sad.. If you want make to me sad be a girl and swear..

shut the fuck up

but a creeping darkness slipped through, and threatened to devour our reality…
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bioshock infinite — posters

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